Mechanical engineering design

We undertake to plan and design mechanical engineering components, parts, special machines, as well as redesign existing machines and equipment in view of our customers' demands. Our accurate and efficient work is supported by 3D designer systems and several years of our our experience in the field of engineering design.

Product design

Development of metal and plastic products on the basis of the ideas and set of criteria communicated by the customer. We have extensive experience in product development complying with the relevant technical, ergonomic and utility requirements. A major focus of our design activities is the optimum manufacturing potentials of the given product.

Prototype making

In connection with the mechanical engineering and product development tasks described by our customers or on the basis of ready-made plans, we are willing to make metal prototype products within short whiles, with the use of prototype (3D printing) and precision casting, machining.

Manufacturing technology

In view of the approved plans and prototypes, we elaborate optimum plans for the manufacturing technology to be implemented for the serial production of the given item.